SST Tinted Primer

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This primer, tinted moisturizer and sheer coverage foundation can be worn alone or in conjunction with any other foundations or powders. Wear under other products to perfect complexion, refine pores and give the ideal base that allows all other products to apply more evenly and last longer without touchups.

Tinted primer and Moisture Kick contains a universal yellow base which is flattering to most skin tones. Contains Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Nourishing Red Seaweed Extract and Tourmaline.

  • Moisture kick
  • Perfects complexion
  • BB Cream
  • Creates an ideal base for even application and long lasting wear

SST Formulations use the highest quality minerals from around the world. These minerals are finely milled before other skin loving ingredients are added. Minerals have been shown to have great benefit for the skin including natural sun protection and are what SST Cosmetics uses instead of synthetics for their formulations.

  • Mineral Based Brand of Cosmetics
  • Paraben Free
  • Canadian Owned & Operated

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