SilkLine Cuticle Pusher/Cleaner & Gel Removal Tool

SilkLine Cuticle Pusher/Cleaner & Gel Removal Tool

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Textured 100% stainless steel handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip for precise control!

  • Sterilizable
  • Easy-grip handle prevents slipping
  • Fine edge cleans under nail
  • Scooped end effectively removes nail glue or gel polish

Scoop End:

  • Angle end allows pushing and removing the cuticles easily, without damaging the nail plate
  • Refined edge is effective in removing gel products that have been previously soaked in acetone.
  • Scooped end is ideal for sensitive cuticles.

Cuticle Cleaner-End:

  • Pointed end allows for gentle nudging of the cuticle and cleaning beneath the nail
  • Can be used as an ingrown nail lifter

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