Guinot Life Influx Concentrate

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Anti-Ageing innovation from Neuroscience, discover Life Influx, the new skin regeneration technology by Guinot. Guinot's research laboratories have discovered the link between nerve fibres and skin cells: Life Influx Concentrate thus recreates the cutaneous innervation of younger skin.

  • The skin looks younger, smoother, plumper and invigorated
  • It appears perfectly revitalized and radiates with a healthy glow
  • Signs of fatigue are erased and the face looks beautifully luminous, and naturally radiant

How to use:

  • Apply morning and evening after cleansing the skin, before your skin care cream. 
  • This is a treatment. Can be used as soon as the skin shows signs of aging. Apply this concentrate as part of a 2 month intensive treatment (optimal duration of action for Infludermine).
  • Avoid the eye area.

Key Ingredients:

INFLUDERMINE: cutaneous innervation, which plays a key role in epidermal regeneration and the youthful appearance of the skin, is stimulated. The epidermis is redensified and regenerated, while cell cohesion and longevity are improved.

56 CELLULAR INGREDIENTS: cell regeneration and metabolism are activated by restoring elements that are essential to the life and development of cells, revitalising the skin and boosting radiance.

HYALURONIC ACID: the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid is stimulated to smooth away wrinkles, redensify and plump up the skin


Guinot is known the world over as an industry leader, Guinot has consistently led the charge in skincare, from game-changing technology and techniques, to maintaining the most stringently high standards in the development and manufacturing of their products. Developed and made in Paris, France.

Ethical Beauty Care

  • Guinot products are not tested on animals.
  • To improve skin compatibility, formulas are preserved without parabens and the active ingredients used are from non-GMO plants.
  • The active treatment ingredients incorporated in the formulas are chosen in order to respect the environment; notably by sourcing them from renewable plants. Guinot is conscious of the environment's fragility and is concerned about protecting it.


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