Chella Dual Blending Brush

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This Dual Blending Brush has a firm, tapered end that effortlessly blends out the Chella Highlighter Pencil. Use this secret weapon above and below your brows for an elegantly lifted look. It's designed to keep you comfortable and in control, with soft bristles and an ergonomic shape. But, it doesn't stop there — our essential spoolie is just a flip away for seamless brow sculpting and definition.

• Multi-functional
• Reusable
• Dense and non-shedding
• Soft and firm
• No harsh blending


STEP 1: After applying the Chella Highlighter Pencil above and below the arch, use the tapered brush to effortlessly blend out the creamy highlighter.
STEP 2: Switch to the other end and gently brush through your brows with the spoolie to evenly blend and tame brow hairs.

CARE TIP: Wash the bristles regularly with liquid soap, then rinse and lay the brush flat to air dry.

Celebrate the joy of connection with Chella. Founded in 2003, Chella has spent years dedicated to crafting the best in brow and eye makeup essentials. They make creating an authentically approachable look simple with their clean, vegan, products containing high-quality ingredients. Available in a wide selection of shades and hues, you can always be your truest self with Chella.

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