PHYTOMER Cryotonic Soothing Leg Gel

PHYTOMER Cryotonic Soothing Leg Gel

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TLC for tired, heavy feeling legs. This refreshing gel brings greater leg comfort and an immediate feeling of well-being while toning and relieving tiredness of the skin.

  • Invigorates and refreshes the legs
  • Decongests and activates blood micro-circulation
  • Enhances the biosynthesis of collagen by the fibroblasts

Indulge your skin in all the benefits of the sea with sustainable, high quality products, made in France, in PHYTOMER’s Laboratory of the Mont Saint Michel bay. PHYTOMER believes in the sea and in the power of its natural ingredients. They believe that safety and high performance go hand-in-hand. That quality is their duty and our calling.

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