Warm Buddy Face Mask

Warm Buddy Face Mask

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Warm Buddy's new Cozy Face Masks are reusable, effective and very comfortable to wear because of a double layered, ultra-soft fabric.  Because of the increase in wearing masks, also known as our "new normal,", Warm Buddy has been trying to find fashionable and comfortable ways to wear masks. They have discovered that the addition of aromatherapy to face masks has resulted in enhanced comfort, feel, and calmness.   Enhance your face masks use by adding a drop or two of essential oil. We recommend Warm Buddy Relax Oil or the French Lavender. 

  • Comfortable and Effective 
  • Double Layered Fabric
  • Breathable
  • Reusable
  • Washable 
  • Made in Canada

Warm Buddy Company has been manufacturing high quality, long heat holding therapy products since 1995.   The first products sold were heat therapy wraps designed to be the ultimate in pain and stress relief. Warm Buddy Company has become known for its high quality heat wraps. They are ultra soft, long heat holding and have a proven 20 year safety record. 

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