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The Flip-It!® lets you completely empty your bottles, keeping pollutants out of the environment while NOT wasting water! Not only will you get every drop you’ve paid for, but you’ll feel good knowing you’re making an important difference to the planet.

    Flip-It!® inventor Steven Epstein got frustrated every time the pump on his lotion bottle quit working while there was still plenty of product left inside … and he knew lots of other people had the same trouble! So he set out to create a simple solution to two problems:

    1) Frustration: wasted time and money due to pounding, shaking and eventually throwing out expensive household products.

    2) Helping the environment by properly and easily emptying bottles, preventing contaminants from leaching out into the Earth. Steven runs a bottling business in Oklahoma so he already knew a lot about bottles and their neck sizes.

    He started designing and came up with this unique problem-solver: the Flip-It!® Bottle Emptying Kit™.