RELEAF CBD Hand Rescue 15ml

RELEAF CBD Hand Rescue 15ml

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This product is uniquely formulated to combine the rapid healing and analgesic properties of CBD with soothing and regenerative essential oils. Our unique proprietary recipe includes witch hazel, aloe, vitamin e, lavender as well as soothing coconut oil and a solid dose of hemp derived CBD will get your hands back in the action doing the things you love to do, and quickly. Common uses include repair of blisters, burns, tears, irritation, eczema and psoriasis.

Apply liberally to affected area, as often as needed

Ingredients: Bees wax, Coconut Oil, Essential oils, Hemp Derived Cannabidiol.

      RELEAF is committed to providing high quality, wellness products that harness some of nature’s finest assets.  Our products combine the therapeutic terpenes found in CBD and essential oils, which work synergistically for optimum benefit.  RELEAF products are natural wellness products that boost recovery without introducing a bunch of chemicals or artificial compounds.

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