Celeste Stein Designer Compression Socks - 5 Different Patterns

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Celeste Stein Therapeutic Compression Socks

No more plain old black and nude. Spice of your footwear with some fantastic fun and colorful designs! For nurses, travelers, baby boomers and beyond, fun socks are what’s in style today Stay on trend, while keeping with medically accurate socks from Celeste Stein!

Compression helps with circulation, whether you sit all day, stand all day, or walk all day. It’s a must-wear when exercising, or when on an airplane as a travel sock. Make fun colors a part of your daily sock wear! In Calf sizes up to 24” and compression strengths from Mild, Moderate and Firm. FDA-Registered.

Celeste Stein Designs, female owned and operated,  is one of the leading manufacturers of printed hosiery in the United States. They have worked with some of the world’s top fashion designers and retailers to develop their compression hosiery and socks, diabetic socks, trouser socks, tights and leggings – and now knee and ankle braces in fun fashion prints. 

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